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Stațiunea de schi din Alpii francezi închisă, schimbările climatice de vină

Stațiune de schi din Alpii francezi, stațiune de schi din Alpii francezi închis, schimbările climatice de vină, eTurboNews | eTN
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A ski resort in the French Alps has permanently closed due to global warming-induced snow scarcity. This resort, called La Sambuy, is located near the massive Trois Vallees ski area. Last season, it could only operate for a month.

Conform rapoartelor din CNN, La Sambuy’s mayor Jacques Dalex said, “The resort used to have snow practically from 1 December up until 30 March.”

During the 2022/23 season, there were only four weeks of snow. Even during that time, there wasn’t much snow. As a result, stones and rocks quickly appeared on the ski slopes, making skiing difficult.

Running the ski resort in the French alps costs €80,000 annually. However, doing so for such a brief period isn’t financially sustainable, as Mr. Dalex explained.

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