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Guvernul va oferi burse de turism pentru studenții israelieni

Bursă de turism, Guvernul va oferi bursă de turism studenților israelieni, eTurboNews | eTN
Compus de Binayak Karki

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Ministerul Turismului of Israel has announced plans to offer scholarships worth NIS 440,000 to students. Students who are pursuing bachelor’s, master’s, or teaching certificates in tourism studies are eligible to receive this scholarship. These studies should be at accredited higher education institutions.

Tourism Minister Haim Katz emphasized the importance of this initiative. He stated, “the tourism sector requires top-tier professionals who prioritize the tourist experience.”

He further added, “We are introducing these scholarships to bolster the upcoming generation of the Israeli tourism industry.”

The initiative is scheduled to benefit students beginning their courses in October 2023. It ensures an equal distribution of scholarship funds. Each student will receive awards capped at NIS 11,000.

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